Your Dating Rejection Isn’t As Bad As You Think It Is

This happens even to the most seasoned of us. The person you’re attracted to doesn’t share your sentiments. You meet for first dates that don’t result in anything. Text messages that are not answered. Date plans that never happen due to you being dismissed. A relationship that isn’t able to last after a few dates. It may be pointless trying to meet someone new when they’re likely to turn you down initially. Rejection is not uncommon and is something that happens to everyone at one point or another during our daily lives. This isn’t a reason to stop dating, but rather an opportunity to improve how you view rejection.

Here are some helpful tips to handle rejection in the contemporary dating world, so you’re able to keep your head high in the event that things don’t go your way with another person:

Relax to remind you that you’re never the only one.

If you’re feeling unwelcome You need to remember that rejection is normal for dating. It’s not personal. It simply means that the person isn’t the right fit for you.

Be aware that a lot of people have experienced rejection and have found love throughout their lives. It’s not an indicator of your value as a person or the way you lookIt’s just a sign that someone else does not want to be with you specifically!

Stop comparing yourself with others.

Stop comparing yourself with others and analyzing the relationships of others and asking why this hasn’t happened to you. You do not know what they’ve been through or what their feelings are. It’s only what they permit you to observe about their relationships.

Stop picking yourself up.

Sometimes, when we’re not liked, it can lead us to a tangle of things we could make better about ourselves, or to think about what the other person did not appreciate. It’s not the best way to invest your efforts and your time.

Instead, take a step back from an image you believe you are perfect.

Release any notion you imagine of yourself as flawless.

You’re not but that’s fine. There’s someone out there who’ll be attracted by your imperfections.

Improve your self-concept.

Enhancing your self-image can be an effective method to get over rejection. If you are positive about your self-image much more inclined to be positive about yourself and the capabilities that can aid you in overcoming defeat and going forward in confidence.

The way you view yourself affects how people perceive you and perceive yourself. It is therefore crucial to enhance your self-image and be proud of yourself. Get rid of the practices that don’t benefit you.

  • Self-compassion is a practice that requires treating yourself with compassion and kindness particularly when you face rejection. Instead of blaming yourself over a loss take a moment to be kind to yourself and keep in mind that being rejected is an inevitable element of life.
  • Refrain from negative self-talk: Pay close attention to the negative self-talk you are putting into your head that is hindering your progress. Refuse it by using affirmations that are positive and evidence to support your positive attributes.

There will be rejection However, it does not mean that you have to abandon your relationship altogether.

It’s a fact of the human condition. You’ll be rejected from time to time however, do not let it deter you from making a move on your dating journey. If someone doesn’t like you then move on and go back to your next date. If they reject every single one of your attempts If they don’t, then perhaps they’re not worth your time!


The bottom line is that it’s something we all have to face. The only way to overcome it is to confront the issue head-on and refrain from making assumptions about the reasons why you shouldn’t be with you. Don’t internalize rejection. A person who doesn’t want you does not reflect your attractiveness, or worth. If you can do this, perhaps shortly, you’ll be in a loving partnership with someone that values all aspects of what they are!


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