Women Don’t Want to Date Strangers (So Meet Them THIS Way)

Nine out of 10 single males would have dates with the woman on this photo regardless of knowing anything about her.

Men are like that. If she’s attractive then we’ll go out with her. Hopefully, there’s chemistry.

The women of today aren’t exactly easygoing all the time.

Yes, there are plenty of people who have met new people via websites for dating, however it’s not the ideal scenario for these people…

“What if he’s creepy?” “What if he’s dangerous?” 

The questions that women ask far more often than those of men. Since women aren’t prepared to face the situation. Both physically and emotionally.

Additionally, women are less pressured to risk their love for someone they’ve never met. There’s no reason to think that they’re not able to choose from the available possibilities in the current digital age of dating. If they’re feeling at all a little awkward and unsure, they are able to sulk knowing that their next chance is sure to come around.

This isn’t the case for males.

If a typical guy can create an opportunity through an attractive woman, he’s likely to want to grab the opportunity.

This is why I’ve created this guide for you.

Below there are three ways to increase the chances of an unknown woman accepting to meet for a romantic date.

Make Use Of The ‘Friendzone’

The “friendzone” is portrayed as an unsavory area where women beat men.

However female friends can make dating considerably simpler.

Invite them to an occasion with you and ask the guests to invite the friends.

If you’re given a solid introduction, there’s no awkwardness on either one.

You shouldn’t have any reason to be worried about being rejected because this woman is being introduced to you. They shouldn’t have any reason to appear cocky or put their guard up since they believe in the recommendations of their friends.

So, you’ll be able to seal your deal in this manner, as opposed to cold-approaching ladies on the street.

Use Social Media For Passive Attraction

If you’re still exchanging phone numbers with women you’d like to see, you be being on the darker side of the Moon.

The sharing of social media profiles helps you meet women for dates.

One of the main reasons is that it lets women become a voyeur and to learn more about the amazing life you live.

If you’ve designed your profile to be appealing and as exciting as you can, this could be a factor in your favor.

In a lot of cases it allows women who were nervous regarding you feel at ease about going out on dates.

You’ll no longer be someone else if you’re frequently being featured on her timeline, living an incredible and attractive lifestyle.

Build Status

The idea is more of a long-term strategy however it’s worthy of the time and effort.

If you’re able to establish yourself as a status symbol in a place that’s popular with gorgeous women, they’re less likely to think of as creepy.

Instead, you’ll be the one they’re eager to meet.

Let’s look at some examples of the building standing in these settings.

  • You’re welcome to the DJ booth of the city’s top nightclub.
  • You’ve got pictures of A-list celebrities on the profile of your Instagram profile.
  • You’re the organizer or co-founder of a wildly popular event.

In all of these situations women often think that you’re an excellent person to hang with. For the simple reason that you would not have made these chances for yourself.

Many women feel this way when they see a male who has female friends and, in fact. He must be cool since ladies don’t usually be around males who are dangerous or creepy.

Since I am a digital neo-goose I travel a lot to keep up with the status game. However, I know guys who do, and their relationships are at a crossroads when it comes to recruiting.

At the very minimum you should be using your women friends and Instagram profile to streamline your relationship life.

Once you’ve made the move it, you’ll never be being a stranger ever again.

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