What’s the Best, Non-creepy Way to Approach Women?

man and woman doing a handshake

Since the beginning of time, men have wrestled with the skill of flirting aiming to strike the right equilibrium between respect and charm.

However, regardless of their efforts they often be a bit off the mark and leave a trail of unpleasant encounters behind.

So, what are the best methods to approach women then? There’s no better method to learn thenthaninquire from women directly.

Here are a few pieces of advice given by women regarding the best way to address them.

Make sure you’re at the right spot. 

This should be a logical choice. You wouldn’t approach your boss during an interview and talk about the most recent episode of your favorite show do you?

This is the same when you approach women. Make sure you’re in an environment that permits interactions with others, like the social or party occasion.

For the sake of all things holy, do not approach them in the street or public spaces in the absence of a valid justification to do it.

Do not be a jerk. 

I get it. You’re curious about this particular woman and would like to get to know her more. But this doesn’t grant you any right to ask for time and attention or even affection.

Ask her if she’d like to talk or maybe take a break for a cup of coffee. If she’s not interested, be respectful of her decision and proceed gently.

Women aren’t here fulfill your every need And acting as if they are a certain way to appear unworthy and creepy.

Do not forget that no isn’t a word pressing the issue can only make you appear desperate.

Learn to detect body cues. 

You’ll know the woman you want to be with when you can read the way she moves. It’s the same when she’s not comfortable immediately.

If she can maintain eye contact and appears to be relaxed when talking to you, then continue doing your routine. If she’s not you should take it as an indication to rethink your approach and be respectful of her boundaries.

Be brief as well as sweet. 

Don’t overstay your welcome. Learn to get to know her small amount and that’s all. Do not share your story of life and what you’ve done within the initial five minutes of conversation.

I’m sure you’re eager for her to see you and rub the mark. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be the sole one in her space.

She’s here to have a great time and to have fun and not be able to hear your life’s successes in extreme detail.

Take them seriously. 

A bit cliché, but trust me it’s effective.

The idea of trying to approach women with the intention of “winning them over” or “scoring” with them is not just outdated, but insulting and irresponsible. Women aren’t prizes to be snatched up and are not objects that can be traded.

It is important to be sure to approach them to establish a real connection, whether as potential romantic partners.

Do not get upset about it. 

But let’s be honest. You could follow the most effective advice, but it won’t ensure that women will be drawn to women.

Don’t take it as a personal attack. Many women don’t want to in making new acquaintances and that’s fine. Nothing you do will alter the fact that they aren’t interested.

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