Rediscovering Romance in the Mundane

Indeed, love is often portrayed in our minds as an epic cinematic scene extravagant declarations, intense passions and scenes that create Romeo and Juliet’s tale seem like a child’s game. We’re enthralled by tales of lovers who promise the stars and moon and battle adversity or provide shelter for each other in the event of a zombie Apocalypse. However, these Hollywood-style tales tend to obfuscate the largely unnoticed, hilarious and equally thrilling moments of love that happen just under our noses.

Are you dating and preparing to meet your very first partner? Be prepared to face the next scenario that could happen: discover yourself with someone who’s as enthralled by books about mystery as you. Your shared passion acts as your secret handshake — your exclusive ‘Sherlock-and-Watson’ bond. When your relationship is sailing effortlessly, like a well-constructed hoverboard, you could discover yourself sharing an interesting fact such as, “I once solved a crime in a novel before I finished chapter three.” On the opposite end the other hand, your partner, while trying to fend off the persistent vending machine to get crisps might respond by saying, “I once guessed the killer in a thriller during the author’s dedication page.” In the arms race of mystery novels and a spirited debate over who has the more amazing collection of socks with a detective theme. These funny exchanges, although seeming to be a bit silly, actually lay the foundation for friendship which could grow as time passes.

It is often portrayed as a spectacular fireworks display an extravagant show that reflects our life’s journey. But the real beauty of love is the intimate accumulation of moments shared and intimate jokes. You’ll discover that your lover is a fan of ketchup and mac and cheese, or that they’re familiar with everything about the words to the most cheesy pop tunes of the 90s. The most hilarious moments are the odd, such as laughing with your partner when a seagull snatches the ice cream of your date or discussing an awkward moment during a rainstorm. These scenarios could bring back memories of your fun-loving friend from childhood who negotiated the complexities of life with humor and created a safe space for you to feel comfortable to be yourself and have a good laugh.

While grand gestures of love certainly attract attention but there is a certain joy in observing how subtle love’s everyday expression is. It’s a joy knowing that your loved one can laugh not just at your silly jokes, but as well at their own mistakes This is the most authentic form of relationship discovered.

To all individuals who are preparing to go on their first date be aware that it’s not the extravagant gestures but the laughter shared and the hilarious mishaps and the seemingly small interactions that help to build a bond. In these moments however insignificant they might appear to be, the seeds of a possible love story begin to grow, slowly creating an enduring bond that can endure the tests of time and endure the most ridiculous of sock contests.

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