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I’ve had a lot of one-night stands in my lifetime and never regretted one single one. Most of them have been due to me having a great night by itself, and then randomly meeting people with the same enthusiasm as me, who aren’t ready for the evening to end.

The Meet

It was mid-week (I was not working the following morning) and my friend had come to town in New York. Naturally the man wanted to explore the nightlife London could offer, and, given my track record of frequent outings and having a great time, I was his guide.

London is distinct in comparison to New York as everything shuts early, particularly on a weekday. I started to come up with a spot which would be ideal for our needs. Then, I decided on an area known as Shoreditch. A grimy, but enjoyable part of London with at least a couple of bars that were open until 11pm. A part of me was hoping that he would not want to stay out for much longer. Then it was me who was determined to keep going through the night.

Our first establishment we visited was a bar that is literally referred to as “The Shoreditch”. It was more of a drug shack than a pub. Brownie points for my initial selection.

We began with beers that transformed into cocktails. In this time in my own life I started smoking cigarettes when I consumed. A bad habit that I am aware of, but have since gotten rid of it. After a couple of drinks I was compelled to light a smoke and left the house.

The smoking area was tinier enough for people to get together despite the lack of space and there two women in the room among them, one of whom was an attractive beauty. She was cute, short and dimpled, with an East Asian look. We’ll refer to her as Lily. Her companion was average in appearance, a bit overweight and walked with a slight hunch, however they were both cool right from the beginning. Both were dressed as if they were an outing on a Saturday night, which made me a little puzzled.

“What is it that bBarbieyou two together on a weekday such as this?’ asked. “We’re celebrating her promotions!’ Lily said excitedly. I discovered that they worked together in a workplace and one of them was promoted to manager, which is why the celebration attire.

After fifteen minutes of conversation and two cigarettes after which it was time to go to the inside. ‘You two seem cool. My friend is visiting the border from New York and I’m showing him the sights of London. It would be great to meet him in the near future. “Yes!,” they both replied positively.

I returned inside and continued my night for a while. After a while and some more socializing, I saw the two of them coming upstairs. Lily came up to me and said , ‘We’re here to see your friend!’ I escorted them to the dining room and we enjoyed a few drinks together. They were a fun couple who were prone to complete sentences. I could tell the two of them were much more than just work acquaintances and had a sisterly relationship.

Note: I initially did not push for them to sit down with us due to several reasons. In the first I wanted to reconnect with my son before engaging with women, even though this possibility had arisen in a whim. In addition, during these evenings I was used to talking to various groups. A simple gesture of “hello” can do surprises and can lead to social situations that otherwise wouldn’t happen. Since it was so early in the evening I wasn’t certain if that they were the ladies I would end up spending an extended amount of time with. 

After a few more conversations and drinks, Lily said “We’re going to a bar following this one to get together with others, do you guys want to be part of?’ I was sure of my heart that I’d be trying get my buddy to join the group despite having nothing in common with Lily’s friend. “Maybe, I’d love to join, but we’ll just have to talk about.. I put on my sales hat and informed him that the place Lily mentioned could be the most suitable place you could find on an evening on a Tuesday. This is all he required.

The One Night Stand

We all got into the same taxi where I was sitting with Lily. There was a more intimate kiss (nothing sexual) and we were there 10 minutes after. The place was an extension that of the bar and more like a drug store located in a basement than a place to be a party. We shopped for the girls drinks and got to know the other people who seemed willing to have two random men who were crashing their party for promotion.

The group of friends she had were an absolute lot of fun, and they took every chance to dance all night long. I took Lily by the arm and danced along with her, spinning her around in a whirlwind. She was an excellent dancer, and laughed at my left and right feet. At some point, the song’s end was reached and at that point we both looked at each other and an embrace. It wasn’t a memorable kiss, in any way. It was just two people who had their tongues in each other’s throats. But it was special at the time.

The place began to become empty after a short time, closing our kissing and dancing. It was obvious at that point that we weren’t going to end there. I asked her in a straightforward and honest manner, ‘Do we want to continue the conversation at yours or mine?’, and she picked her own. In retrospect, I should not have made the decision since it took a while to arrive at.

40 minutes of tension between the two resulted in her tiny room in the home. As I entered, I smelled animal waste and spotted several cages. She was a hamster lover. ….

I believe I can represent the majority of men here that if we’re given an opportunity to sexually assault someone beautiful and with great energy, it’s hard to turn us off. Women can get whatever sexual pleasure they desire just prior to sexual contact and we’ll be happy. However, in this instance there was a portion of me wondering whether I could hold an erection for a long time when I had eight hamsters watching me. It was yes.

The sex itself was not an exciting experience. Being small and timid in bed (I could be too in the event that my hamster army were sat on the floor cuckolding) I was a bit hesitant to fit into her. With enough foreplay, we both came, but the awkwardness remained throughout the entire time.

The End

I had finished my nut and the post-nut truce slammed me like the speed of a train. I had just nutted with pride in a room that was suffused with the smell of Hamster shit. I smacked her on the lips and said “I need to leave home’. She wanted me to stay but I declined politely and left. There was nothing more in exchange. I could tell from my tone that there would be no afters, or even a date. However, she did gain something from this…

. The next morning, I awoke up at 12 noon, ready to begin my day. I sat down at my desk and realized that my watch had gone missing. I’d left it on her house. I had already sent her an email to express my gratitude and then asked whether she would be able to deliver my watch since my area of the city was located far away (I offered to cover the postage and additional). My address was taken and I was the last time I heard from her. I tried messaging her a couple of times, but without results and then left it. My watch may be in a corner and wondering why there are numerous Hamsters around…or it’s upon the wrist of an other man.

The lessons in attraction

1. Meet, meet, meet

Don’t expect or assume things from women. If you go out, make sure to meet and socialize with various groups. This is the next step the area where most guys make a mistake. It is important to talk to all women with the aim to make them your girlfriend.

I talk to men hot women, beautiful women, fat women woman with three eyes I’m sure you can get the picture. Be attracted and curious about people! You can make amazing connections outside of romance, and gives you the option to choose if that you’re drawn to one.

In this instance, even though I wanted to keep the conversation with Lily I did speak to different groups at the bar since it was enjoyable. There certainly were women there too, and I was able to increase my interest if I had not fallen in love with Lily.

2. “Fuck it” may bring great memories

We had planned for a departure from the club after Lily along with her companion inquired whether we wanted to join. At the time there were a lot of unknowns (I was not sure if she was attracted by me) however, I decided to say”fuck it” and followed the flow. Saying fuck it and embracing uncertainty will lead you into many amazing and bizarre scenarios.

3. Always be courteous to women’s friends

Women are proud of their companions (as do we). I often see men attempting to approach an entire group of women and attempting to isolate the one they want to exclude from the rest of the group in a matter of minutes. Make sure they introduce themselves to their friends and talk to them. A sign of approval from a trusted friend can go quite a ways.

In general, taking the lead is a great trait in the world of dating. It shows confidence and reassurance. There will be occasions when she’ll take the initiative and that’s okay.

In this instance, Lily took the lead in recommending the next venue, suggesting her spot as well as sometimes when we danced. She noticed that I was at ease in any way, which helped build confidence and security.

4. You don’t have to always follow the example.

The tendency to leading role is a good thing in the world of dating. It conveys confidence and reassurance. There will be instances when she takes the lead, and that’s fine.

In this instance, Lily took the lead in recommending the next location, suggesting her spot, as well as sometimes when we danced. She was able to see that I was comfortable in any way, which helped build trust and confidence.

5. Express your wishes in a variety of ways

There are verbal methods to express genuine compliments, and nonverbal methods by eye contact, touching or body expressions.

Dodging the trap of ‘If I look cool, she’ll appreciate her more when I do not attract her attention’ is perhaps the worst thing many men are caught in. You can look cool, yet express your thoughts with confidence (and respectable) manner.

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