How To Make a Woman Want You Sexually

You’ll need to let go of being embarrassed and discuss issues related to sexuality. If you talk about sex, it can make her think of you as a “sexual creature” and inevitably imagine having a sexual encounter with you.

So how do you start a conversation about sexuality without looking awkward or making an embarrassing scene?

1. Method, false studies “

There isn’t a single day without a news story about a discovery made by British researchers being reported on the news. Therefore, why not take advantage of the findings of British researchers and then blame them for the other findings?

Here’s how it could sound: 

“The most recent research by British researchers shows that over a day, women are thinking about sexuality seven times more often than males. Which do you believe? 

British researchers have discovered that women are more likely to cheat than males. Which one do you believe cheats the most often? ” 

Based on one of the two above questions could create a fascinating discussion on sex. So, don’t just accept the first answer that he offers you. You should develop the conversation.

For instance, after you have answered your question, you can ask him to explain the answer with: What is your reasoning behind this? ” You can then express your thoughts. When you are discussing the topic, ensure that you’ve got an opinion on the subject.

2. The way to make a mischievous declaration

You could use this technique in situations where you and the girl you’re trying to charm are a teacher, boss or friend who tends to be rude or obnoxious with others around them.

So, if you and your partner are familiar with a “character “, first bring it up. Then, you can answer:

I don’t believe that men care for her anymore, and neither do I. ” 


I’m thinking the man isn’t allowed access to the wife’s or girlfriend’s sexy if he behaves as he does. ” 

If you want to defend your assertion, you may refer to British researchers:

British researchers have found that those who fail to satisfy their sexual desires get their revenge on those who are not at fault. What are you going to say? ” 

3. The joke technique

Start by telling one or two jokes and then go on to this joke:

You: It’s said that around 80% of women are seen masturbating in the shower. the remaining 20% of them sing while showering. Do you know what the singer is singing about? 

She: No 

Your: This indicates that you belong to a different category. 

If you want to know more, Ask her:

Do you remember being sexually harassed? ” 

The important thing is that when you begin to talk about sexual relations to be comfortable and not be uncomfortable at all. If you’re not uncomfortable, she won’t be ashamed either. It is important to discuss sexual intimacy in a natural manner such as discussing the food you had for lunch.

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