How Awkward First Dates Lead to Awesome Romances

Guys, don’t be worried when your first date starts with a shaky start.

This can be a positive indication. It is possible to believe they begin in this manner.

An awkward beginning can indicate lots of positive things about the person you’re dating.

This provides you with a chance to display the masculine traits you have.

Men tend to forget this about women

Certain men are overly focused in impressing a partner and conquering their own fea

It makes them forget the most important fact in life.

Women get nervous too! 

Your date could appear as a gorgeous beauty on Instagram or the dance floor.

However, she is in reality human and has her own set of fears and anxieties.

Women are more likely to feel nervous when she meets an unfamiliar man on a date, especially if she truly likes him.

These nerves could manifest as reticence or limited eyesight, and a sensitivity to physical contact.

It could appear that they don’t want to be around them. In reality, however, it’s usually the reverse case.

How do you react?

This is your chance to display your impressive levels of confidence.

It’s simple to be confident when women respond with ease to whatever you communicate.

It requires a different kind of man to be unaffected when she doesn’t give you much.

How do you accomplish this? 

An excellent place to begin is to understand how to feel at ease within your skin regardless of what’s happening around you.

My advice on not being bored of something to talk about will allow you to engage in conversation and have fun doing it. It’s helpful to get into your routine of telling tales because you love to share them instead of trying to provoke a reaction from people.

It can also be helpful if you select a venue for your date that has things you can do together. These activities could be an ideal break from awkwardness.

It’s not going to help if you highlight her insecurity. Do not ask her whether she’s shy or mock them for being shy. This only increases the issue. 

It’s much better to have the most fun you can, no matter how cold or warm your date’s intentions are toward you.

Women require time to get warm

If you’re relaxed and fun on an evening out the shy women will eventually get to know you.

Sometimes, it takes time for them to trust them and feel at ease in your presence.

A lot of times, they’re afraid of making a mistake or saying something wrong which makes them freeze completely.

Your lack of worry about this can help her relax and not worry. 

The first time we met, my ex-girlfriend didn’t want to take my hand, did not have much to say and joked about my size.

I was still having fun regardless and we walked into a kiss as her train to home was preparing. On our second date, she frankly opened up more, and we stayed together for the rest of six months.

Sometimes, women can be quite uncomfortable, shy or even a bit rude since they’re trying to know whether you’re real.

Let them know who you are and they’ll reveal their reassurance and trustworthiness.

Does it matter if you put on with it?

It’s a date, after all, and you could be able to have a good time.

It is a fact that most women will take their time to get to know you.

This is particularly true when you’ve met on an app for dating and are making the acquaintance for the very first time.

If you share their awkward and shy personality it’s a sure bet that the date will be uninviting.

Men take the lead, and women follow.

You should also ask what kind of women are most likely to be on the lookout for an opportunity.

It’s usually people who have been on numerous Tinder dates and are accustomed to quickly becoming intimate with men.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with women like this.

If you’re seeking purer women, then you’ll need to master the initial discomfort.

Do you? You may be looking back at this awkward first date a few years later.

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