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I broke up with them on a Thursday.

Then, I softly broke up with them — we’d just been dating for two months, and I asked her to make the relationship more exclusive and serious but was rejected in a jiffy. She was content with being a little casual with each other however the relationship I wanted could not come to fruition.

We had plans to meet up next Tuesday in a romantic way. Sure, I was disappointed by the fact that we couldn’t take things to the next level, however, we had fun with each other. So I decided to take her rejection head-on and be clear that I wasn’t about her. I just wanted to move on with my relationship life to concentrate on other things.

So, on Saturday looking to experience something different from my few years in Bumble experiences, I downloaded the new dating app Hinge and tried it for the very first time.

At the time Tuesday came around I already had one date set for Sunday and had set five dates more for Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Saturday, as well as Sunday again.

It was a hectic Friday through Tuesday, filled with profiles, messages and flirting, as well as an alteration of priorities. So, another series of dating stories would be shortly for me. The idea was one I’d gotten familiar with since I entered the world of dating just before COVID and it was like I was always having an interesting story to share. There were times when it was a night out that went wrong, other times it was a date that went extremely well, other times it was a long time ago and other times it was swift and simple. But I was learning an abundance of new experiences. whenever I shared something with my friends on the internet I was always greeted with “tell us more.”

The way I came to this point was a piece of the process. I was in a 10-year relationship since I was 22, and I’d been oblivious to the trend of dating apps. But I’d heard the same stuff that everyone was hearing. For women, it was a savage pond that was a nightmare of felines and creeps who’d offer anything to make you feel sexy. It was exhausting, awry and heart-sucking… as well as it was the only choice. When you were on the side of men it was a hellhole with a variety of reasons. Nobody swiped at you. If you did happen to get a match, they would not be able to respond. If you were fortunate enough to start a conversation, then they’d simply disappear out of thin air. It was depressing, sad and pathetic… as well as it was the only choice.

To lower my confidence further, I read the shite that ” the average attractive man” was swiped in less than one percent of the time on dating sites. I’ve also observed it stated as 2.5 percent which is between the range of 1% or up to 3% depending on the application utilized and the way certain terms are defined. In the end, I was being swung by more than one-third of all my contacts. I met more people than I’ve ever before and they were interested in me.


I discovered that this wasn’t an uninteresting, depressing hellhole. There was a thriving dating pool that was full of attractive and attractive women who offered something. They were a pleasure to talk to over a meal. However, at the very least I discovered individuals who were worthy of sharing my deepest emotions with, listening to their most intimate fears and intimate needs, and sharing the pleasures of life with. Sometimes, I was lucky enough that I felt loved and respected in ways that I’d not experienced that experiencing before. At other times, I was thrown head-first into a dating app blunder or discovered a novel way to make things more complicated, or witnessed some strange behavior that left me wondering what the hell was going on.

I was able to experience numerous things that it was difficult to keep track of it all. I was able to tell someone “I love you” and hear it echoing in my direction. I needed the courage to tear someone’s heart and be able to watch them stare at me and realize they would never see one another. I had to be rejected even though I believed all signs were pointing in the right direction.

I had a few girlfriends who made up rules for their minds regarding dates (and were furious when I broke the rules). I was with women who asked me to take relationship tests, enneagram tests and kink tests with them (not all simultaneously). I experienced the difference of going on an evening with someone who was who is 10 years older than someone years younger. I met divorced moms with children at home who were going on their first date in years and also women who are not children in relationships and who wanted to investigate their fantasies of a hot wife. I was able to meet a lot of vegan/vegetarian women who had a lot of tattoos (I discovered myself to be my “type,” I guess).

So, when I downloaded Hinge and decided to try another round of dating stories I thought “might as well write some of the old ones down.”

It’s my turn to share my experience. 

The exact location I’m not entirely sure. The choice of stories to tell and how to tell the stories will be crucial, however. It was certainly not an ideal idea to go out on a Tuesday night, I ran into this girl once more and informed her I had five consecutive dates scheduled for the next five days. However, maybe I’ll return to this story in the future.

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