Are They Unavailable or Just Uninterested

Sometimes, it’s not because of being unavailable. Sometimes they’re reluctant to provide themselves to us since they’re not interested in it.

The truth is that certain people aren’t able to communicate directly. 

They’ll hang us on, but they will not give any details about what they would like (or they don’t would).

However, their behavior indicates that they are not available or lack an absence of interest.

Be aware! It’s an absolute pity, but it’s crucial not to be in an environment where you’re trying to convince, chase, or trying to win affection or love.

Whatever situation you’ll face, it’s vital to learn how to deal with emotional pain or injuries and recover from them. 

It’s impossible for everyone to like us, and we are bound to encounter disappointment, rejection, and loss at some point.

To navigate the world efficiently, we must build the capacity to withstand challenging events.

Even though being rejected is painful but the process that you have to persuade someone else to accept you as a person is more difficult. It’s the same with holding onto the rejection, being a part of it and allowing it to define your existence. Don’t let anyone have the right to define you.

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