8 Shocking Realisations About Women That Young Men Need To Learn ASAP

I didn’t realize any of these eight things about the female character while I was a teen.

If I had done that I had, I would have found it much easier to get dates and attract women.

To avoid making my stupid dating blunders and to avoid repeating my mistakes, write the lessons below into your mind.

1. Your appearance doesn’t matter in the same way you think.

For me, when I went for a whole year without having sexual relations during my early 20s I believed that it was due to being unattractive.

The truth is that I was devastated, bitter and desperate after being duped by my girlfriend’s ex.

This kind of negative energy can make women feel uncomfortable in the first few minutes of being introduced to them. But I knew they didn’t like me since I was thin and bald.

There is a tendency to slip into the mistake of blaming your appearance. But the reality is: When I was offered a new job and relocated to London I was happy and began to attract women immediately. After I started studying videos about how I could become more attractive and captivating and attractive, more women popped up in my world. And all the while, I remained the same slender, funny man with a bald head.

The way you present yourself is not important in a relationship. It will help to get you a foot on the ground. It can determine your chances of success on dating apps. But, I’ve realized that the way you make females think is much more important.

2. You must draw a woman’s attention

If you asked teenager Joe what women think of as attractive, he’d give you an unintentional list. Nice appearance. Kindness. The ability to be funny. A sense of style. Perhaps you have money…

Therefore, my attempts at seduction would consist of trying to prove my logic and show that I have these qualities. I’d try to be friendly to women, attempt to laugh at them or offer the ladies alcohol…

Now, I know that attraction is all about the way you make women experience it.

It’s not only about offering excellent emotions. Women are drawn to an emotional rollercoaster. They like their romances to be as full of ups and downs as a blockbuster film. 

If the film you show isn’t interesting enough, people will typically become bored. This is the reason women are usually attracted by bad boys and gamers instead of good guys’.

3. There are women everywhere you go.

There were a plethora of hotties on the beaches where I lived in my early 20s. Also in the malls. However, the thought of talking to them has never crossed my head.

I suppose that’s because I needed a half dozen drinks before I spoke to a woman whom I didn’t have any idea about.

My relationship changed after I was introduced to the idea of going sober.

It’s easy to find women at bars and clubs and bars without getting drunk. You can also begin conversations in the street or a café. Who would have thought?!

This concept could be more alien to the current generation of males who tend to depend on apps to find dates.

However, I’d suggest that every man learn how to engage ladies in public. This puts you at the top of the line to be noticed and allows you to create an emotional impression.

I’ve met incredible women through displaying my persona in the real world in turn, my lifestyle has become much more rewarding because of it.

4. Women aren’t keen on dating the same as their male counterparts

The majority of what you read in the mass media focuses on women and men being equal.

That’s great. Both genders are entitled to the same opportunity to pursue their dreams in life.

However, in my experiences, I have found that women do not like to be with their male counterparts. 

The majority of modern women desire superior men than them. Therefore, don’t be scared to show it.

You must be the first to lead when it comes to interacting with women and moving things forward. Women do not have the same opportunities in dating.

The majority of women want men who have the strength to lead them through the duration of their relationship. They want a man that can make the right decisions and work out solutions for them.

As a male, it is your responsibility to lead in every phase of your relationship.

  • Don’t give a woman your telephone number. Make sure to take hers.
  • Do not ask a woman to select a venue for your first date. Select one.
  • Don’t wait around for her to request a kiss. Start your flirtation now.

I let women take the lead in all of these situations when I was an adult, and it didn’t go well.

5. Women Don’t Want To Be Treated Like Perfect Princesses

Women are made up of “sugar, spice and everything nice.” This idea is in our minds when we’re old enough to comprehend nursery rhymes.

Then, we see heroes battling villains to rescue their gorgeous princesses. We see nice guys on television, who spend a lot of time trying to win over the hearts of their love.

From a young childhood, we’re conditioned into thinking that women are prized possessions to be always fought for. That’s why we feel anxious at the thought of interacting with women. 

The funny thing is that the majority of women hate men who behave in this way.

Remember, they are looking for people who’re more skilled than they are. They don’t want to be viewed as superior.

Simps and nice guys are constantly mocked through the web, but there are so many that are out there.

This is the primary reason why the majority of young men are sexually insecure nowadays.

6. Women Like Many Different Types Of Guys

My school had a lot of “popular boys who had the same appearance. They were tall, attractive, and great at sports.

It’s probably the scenario. This is what the high school films taught me in the end.

In the nightclub, it’s typically the tall, athletic men that you’ll meet with women. This type of persona is prevalent on Tinder too.

Maybe that’s the reason I began training and playing sports when I was a teenager…

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve encountered diverse types of men who are great with women.

Yoga instructors who tidy up with spiritual chicks. Musicians who dance with rock and roll aficionados. Even when I was working a part-time position at Burger King, the manager was hitting a couple of employees.

If you can pick one of the niches and achieve some respect within it, women will be drawn to you. If you’re able to showcase certain generally attractive traits.

7. Women Like When Other Women Like You

I used to have crushes throughout my time in my teenage years. I would be obsessed with these girls and do whatever I was able to do to please them. That included not trying to be with anyone other than myself.

It is now evident that this is an awful method of dating.

In the beginning, it places a lot of burden on yourself to be successful with your lover. You’ll make her appear to be the biggest deal in the world — and this will make you anxious to be able to remain at ease with her.

You can also put yourself on the bad side by not wanting to be with any other person. Women are attracted to women who have a similar style to you. 

This is because of a concept known as social proof. As customers feel more confident dining in a bustling restaurant while women feel more confident when dating a male. Both of these are honest indicators of high quality.

When I go to a bar with female buddies the women around me are more open to chatting with me. When I share Instagram stories featuring a gorgeous woman and I am a fan, my DMs are bursting. Women might declare that they don’t want to be ‘players’ but their behavior suggests otherwise.

If you’re an unknown with no evidence of other women are like you, there’s more risky for women to choose you as a partner. You might be a creepy person or a danger to others in the absence of knowing.

8. Women Like Sex A Lot More Than You Realise

Women love sex just as males do. But they’re ashamed of being open about it.

They must be cautious about who they display their bad side.

If you seem to be an attractive guy looking to have a lovely, innocent partner and women are hesitant to reveal their sexuality. If they realize that you’re a “player” who is aware that women love sexual intimacy, they’ll be able to open your treasure box.

Since I’ve come out completely about my lack of desire to have a partner, I’ve discovered some interesting facts regarding women’s kinks and sexual fetishes.

However, I’m not sure the reason I’m surprised. surprised…50 Shades Of Grey sold hundreds of millions of copies all over the globe.

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