3 Charming Things Women Do to Make Men Go Crazy Over Them

3 Charming Things Women Do to Make Men Go Crazy Over Them

Shy women can be attractive 

You’ve probably noticed how hot and shy they are when you invite them to a party.

On the surface, they appear delicate and delicate. But how delicate are they when they’re in the streets, capturing the hearts of each man they meet?

My best friend Cassie is among those people who don’t speak. However, whenever we get together men pay more attention to her than any other girl. Her appearance is the honey trap of men.

As is the norm I became curious to follow her movements. I was interested in knowing the things that make her memorable for men.

I can’t deny that their caring and sensitive nature makes them excellent partners However, there are some things they do on their first date that make the man eager to meet them again, a third or fourth time, or even the fifth time.

The thing I find interesting is that shy women are more likely to draw men, whereas the shy males don’t draw women. I’ve written a piece on the reason women don’t fall to shy men, so you can check it out right here.

If you’d like to know the secret of having a second date with your crush, then follow this guide.

Let’s first look at the way attraction operates.

The law behind attraction: Understanding its principles

The process of dating will be much easier when we know who we’re going to meet will appreciate our jokes before deciding on the venue, picking an outfit, and dressing to celebrate the event.

Unknowns are common when meeting someone for the first time Understanding the psychology behind attraction can improve your dating game.

According to research, attraction is the ability to trigger emotions of interest, desire or even sympathy. The psychology of attraction is research into the motives that lead us to be drawn to particular people over others.

Of course, there are a variety of variables that decide the people we’d like to share our lives with, such as characteristics of personality such as preferences, beliefs, as well as physical appearance. However, when it comes down to instant attractiveness to physical features, we typically cannot pinpoint the exact reason why we’re drawn to a particular person.

Certain things are recurrent in our heads when we meet that particular person.

Our subconscious determines the likelihood that every person we meet is the perfect match for us. It happens before you speak to them. That’s the reason why that spark appears and the immediate desire to approach them and talk with them.

The shy can change the clock in their favor. If you’re looking for the perfect partner Here are a few hand-me-downs I gathered from my timid acquaintances.

Give him room to approach you.

Shy people avoid dating face-to-face due to the awkwardness that comes with first dates, yet they manage to have the person in their hands whenever they can.

This is the point – when you’re having a night out with friends Don’t be in close proximity to them. This can deter the person from trying to woo you.

Instead of sitting at a table with your buddies, try sitting next to them.

Sitting in a seated position in a sitting position, your knee should be about 1cm from the person sitting in front of you. It is important to ensure that the lower half of the body of the person you are sitting with is facing toward your partner as the rest faces the space.

In creating a gap between your companions The guy will be able to come up to you, without interrupting the conversation of your companion.

Request favors that he won’t accept

I have used this trick since it is always successful.

Imagine you are in the bar, and you approach someone asking him to keep your coat in place for a moment or ask him to recommend something that he’s eaten in the past.

He’ll be compelled to accept your request or suggest his favorite restaurant, giving him the right to open an exchange with you in that instant.

The most appealing aspect of this strategy is that people won’t even know that you’re smacking them. They’ll view it as an opportunity for them to show respect and kindness toward you.

The conversation should be casual.

One thing that makes shy people anxious to speak to strangers is they are overthinking how much they should say within the first 20 minutes after meeting them.

They are too focused on what to say, how they can keep conversations interesting or how to get one another’s contact information, etc.

The truth is that the words you speak aren’t as important as the way you present it. It’s the warmth in your words that makes him feel relaxed in reacting to what you’ve spoken about.


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