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Feeling more energized after spending time with this particular person? 

I’m an extremely introverted person who prefers to work by myself. It requires an enormous amount of energy for me to get out and have a drink with someone. Particularly if I’ve not had a conversation with the person before. When I am at the point of deciding to try something new and meet for dates and am I happy and excited about the experience and eagerly anticipating my next meeting? That’s probably the most important thing for me, as I’ve always been an individual, independent person for a long time and I love the thought of sharing experiences with another person, but the person must inspire me instead of draining my energy.

Is this individual making me feel that I’m important? 

I think that I’m an excellent person when I’m on my own However, when I’m with a crowd of people, I feel like a character in a movie since I’m the one who doesn’t speak much. The most important thing for me is finding someone who is truly interested in my thoughts and has a genuine interest in me. It’s an easy thing however, feeling that I’m valued by someone who doesn’t belong to my family is an uncommon feeling for me.

Are there aspirations or goals? 

The most appealing aspect of a person is when they have goals for the long term or are attempting to figure out what they’d like to accomplish in their lives. For me, there have been several shifts in my plans, but the one thing I’ve always wanted to do is write since I am a fan of the process. Therefore, I must see the person I’m dating has a job that fills them with joy.

Do they share the same goals in life? 

The obvious question is: do they want children? However, I want to relocate to Florida therefore it is important for me that my prospective partner is interested in or willing to move there shortly.

Do they care for themself? 

It’s not just concerned your hygiene (which is already extremely important) the person must know how to look after your mental well-being. It’s fine to not be fine, but dwelling in self-pity and using your mental health concerns as a means to escape from a situation can be a sign of trouble according to me. If you’re concerned about your wellbeing then I think that you should at the very least be looking for an avenue to overcome the issue.

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