The Benefit of a Coffee Date No One Talks About

Thank God, I’m Married

I’ve been married for over 10 years. The day I first met my spouse in the early days, dating apps were a taboo topic. Tinder didn’t even exist.

There weren’t a lot of TikTok videos with people talking about the plight of dating. If you were snubbed or yelled at, forced to pay for the tab or left in the dark, otherwise, you slammed your date with a close friend. This is not the entire internet.

If I could just be insecure about it, it’s like women and men are hating one another. Many people prefer to be right than to be together.

There are a lot of dating debates. The coffee date debate offers solid arguments for both sides.

The Case for Coffee Dates

For decades, coffee dates are a great method of meeting new people and even potential romantic partners.

The casual atmosphere in a café can allow for meaningful conversations. The cost-effectiveness of a date at a cafe helps to minimize awkwardness over who will pay on the day.

Coffee dates can be flexible. You can arrange for an informal gathering, or take longer if you have an opportunity to connect.

Coffee dates require no preparation and are therefore perfect for busy people to swiftly get together.

In the end, coffee dates are an effective method of breaking the ice and meeting a new romantic partner. The book will not provide all you have to know, but it’s a good place to starting point.

The problem with coffee Dates

Recent controversy has been centered around meetings over coffee, with some insisting on a halt to coffee dates altogether.

Dates with friends over coffee can turn uncomfortable.

If you’ve ever been to a Starbucks you’ve seen all. The cafe’s lack of ambiance could leave you without much to start conversations about. It’s easy to turn into an instant-fix-and-go type of environment.

A coffee date could be like an interview for a job. The other person isn’t keen on getting acquainted with you. They are simply looking to see your ability to tick all of their boxes.

The coffee date’s low effort is a double-edged sword. The cost is minimal. There is no planning. However, the ease at that one can have an evening coffee date with the availability of dating apps can cause people to go on numerous dates every month, without having any desire to be in the possibility of a relationship.

Coffee dates are often viewed by women as an indication of a lack of interest from their partners. The inability to invest in making a romantic or thrilling setting could mean that the man isn’t all that interested.

The Benefit of the Coffee Date No One Talks About

A person who is willing to offer a coffee date isn’t necessarily a low-cost skimmer who wants to get on the game.

A woman who isn’t willing to have an opportunity to meet for coffee is a self-inscribed gold digger looking to take advantage of a man’s wealth.

I guess that the vast majority of people do not want to be utilized. No one wants to waste their precious resources of dollars, their time or attention and even their hearts.

There’s a benefit to the coffee date that usually is overlooked.

Coffee Dates Help Avoid Ambience Seduction

A majority of women I have spoken to prefer to have a first date that shows commitment — such as a popular stage play, an exquisite dinner or dance or a walk through an art museum, or anything else that indicates that a man will invest in the women.

The issue when it comes to the first romantic date is that the person is susceptible to seduction.

The ambiance is the characteristic of a location or the mood that goes to the environment. For instance, a restaurant might be a romantic setting with soft lighting, soothing music, quiet seating, and sweet scents.

We often underestimate the power of our environment. When you’re in a relationship with a view to a long-term relationship it is impossible to overlook it.

Do you feel an emotional connection with that person, or do you feel it’s just the atmosphere filled with passion? 

Does the conversation sound remarkable or is it the drinks? 

Are they appealing or is it the tolerant lighting? 

If you have a date with a coffee it is more likely. There’s nothing sexually attractive about a barista who mispronounces your name, or the smell of burned lattes.

Coffee Dates Are Okay

Overall, I favor having a coffee date in the beginning to meet one another and get to know each other. There is a chance that things may become uncomfortable.

It could be that you’re in an interview for a job you did not apply for. This could be a sign that the job isn’t a suitable fit for you.

Take advantage of the unpretentiousness of an evening coffee date. You can be sure that you won’t be lured by the people around you.

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