Message for Nice Guys: Being Authentic 

An easy way to put it simply is to be sincere, and always true, but also remain respectful. Some good guys are under the false perception that they need to cover up certain aspects about themselves or perform things for women to make the women love their appearance. If they don’t feel valued (them as being “nice”), then they might take a different route and think that women only prefer guys who are outright sexually sexy and unrespectful. It’s not always the case.

In the first place, it’s unlikely that you can convince women (or anyone else, in fact) to love you. Or they do not. Even if you try to play it safe and act in the way you believe they would want you to behave so that you can be appreciated, they’re not necessarily liking you as a person and when you reveal the real you and they discover it, they won’t like it. Thus, you weren’t able to convince them to love you.

Then, those bad guys or whatever they are been jerks for a while in the time of the relationship, but it might be a possibility that none of these women were attracted by their jerkiness and disdain for them over the top. They might have to soften to their… Jerkiness.

The most important thing is to remain respectful, but firm by being honest and transparent regardless of your characteristics or what you’d like. You can inform an attractive woman that you’d prefer to be with her for a while, think her attractive and would like to learn more about the woman so you will have fun… but you don’t want an intimate relationship. It’s honest and considerate. Sure, some women won’t be interested in what you’re saying, but if you’re respectfully saying things it’s likely that they won’t be in a state of anger If you’re not rude however, you were truthful enough, as you can see from Jumpstreet, so they can make an educated decision and not get fooled. It’s not necessary to tell a woman “Wsup lil mama when you going to let me hit that and knock the stuffing off that egg” (or any other crazy thing people are saying) to an uninitiated woman or to a woman you don’t have a great relationship with. However honest your intentions could be, it’s very unprofessional.

Additionally, you must be a bit vulnerable. That’s why you should be TRANSPARENT about yourself and announcing your interests off the top of your head, without any expectation of the outcome. It may sound like a contradiction, but it’s the best method to go about it. A few guys are so afraid of rejection or of offending a woman by not letting her know they are in love with them that they are attempting to “sneak” their interest into the relationship by not letting her know that they’re hitting on them at first when they attempt to engage her however, they may attempt to disguise the impression that they’re just trying to find out when it’s time or whatever reason they think of to speak.

Even if they’re not talking to a random lady (I strongly advise against it anyway) and instead someone they are familiar with and really like but they don’t request a date or say that they love them. they’ll try to act in the scene as if they’re “just trying to be their friend” Then when the woman considers them to be just someone they know, they’ll attempt to demonstrate their interest when in her mind they did not think of them as friends, but she also firmly established their image in her mind as just a friend she might conclude that their friendship was an untruth, deceitful and even a liar.

Even when she doesn’t perceive as negative if you say it, by the time you decide to announce that she sees you as a person she knows and “loves you like a brother” it’s difficult for her to perceive your relationship in any other way. That’s how people are “friend-zoned.” Don’t consider it a negative thing individuals, there’s nothing wrong with males and women being close friends, and there is nothing wrong with that. The term “friend zone” refers to situations where one party has a romantic interest in the other, and the attraction isn’t mutual.

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