Finding Love without Burning Out: A Guide for Empaths in the Dating World.

“Go where your energy is reciprocated, celebrated, and appreciated” Unknown

Being a woman who is compassionate in our modern-day society can be an emotional rollercoaster. Empaths are more likely to experience anxiety and fear because they tend to pick the energy of others. If you are experiencing increased emotional sensitivity and intense emotions in a world that is constantly flooded that leaves many empaths exhausted and burned out.

I’m not saying that, but I think the ability to empathize is a powerful skill. If you’re an empath, you’re able to live your life on a different dimension than the majority of humans. You can live your life at the top of the volume, while the majority of people don’t have the volume turned up. You’re able to be an emotional person and observe even the tiniest everyday miracles that others can ignore.

But, one area that empaths may be challenged is the dating process and finding love. As a highly sensitive empath, my path to love was a wild change.

I was averse to love and relationships throughout my young adulthood, and even into my 20s, because I let my sensitivity and fear convince me that I wasn’t worthy. I was awed by the concept of love but was unsure of myself. I spent a lot of time trying to shed weight to appear more attractive.

When I entered the world of romance in my mid-twenties, I attempted to conceal who was. I took alcohol to hide my vulnerability in an attempt to appear more fun and relaxed. That’s why I was attracted to superficial, uninterested males. My goal was to get loved by everyone since I wasn’t happy with myself.

I discovered that dating can be physically and mentally exhausting. I was on more than 100 dates and tried to appear to others because I was lacking confidence because of my anxious and sensitive nature. it was taking its toll on my mental well-being.

If I felt particularly depressed, I decided to take a year to stop dating completely because it felt like a dead end. I wanted to find love but the path to find it was a long and difficult one. I was certain there was an avenue to discover love with an empathic soul, and I needed to begin by loving myself first. I wanted to meet in a way that was enjoyable and made me feel proud of my identity.

So, instead of throwing my towel in the air and letting love go (which I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women do), I decided it was feasible for me. However, this time, it was going to be conducted my way. I made a promise to be completely me and only be in relationships with men who were in line with my beliefs.

It was uncomfortable at first because I was scared of being judged and I might be rejected. However, I stayed true to myself and practiced powerful rituals before my date, as well as constantly improving my attitude. I was in love with myself for the first time and let my life lead me to the right path.

When I finally got to meet my soulmate, everything was in place. I found a man who wanted to be with me just for me There was no snub required. Our relationship has been the most satisfying thing for me. My life’s purpose is to assist other compassionate women to find the love they want.

There is a way to meet love, and anyone could be blessed to have a loving and loving soul just like you. I’d like to help you be loved and let’s discuss how to excel in the world of dating by being a compassionate person. These are the four steps that are what I used to follow and helped me transform my relationship journey from a hopeless one to a positive one.

Love Yourself First 

The degree of affection you experience in the course of a relationship is directly linked to the level of affection you show yourself. This is more than a repetition of self-love mantras and affirmations. Self-love is an incredibly positive view of your own life and circumstances. Accepting that you’re where you are because of the choices you’ve made in the past and you have the option of choosing what will happen next.

Empaths are particularly required to keep in mind that self-love is essential as we have the potential to draw partners who only are looking to make use of us because of our love for others. Empaths often attract “energy vampire” partners that like being loved by the empath but don’t intend to develop an intimate relationship.

If you’re able to accept and love yourself, you’ll easily discern who is a lover of you. You can choose to pursue relationships with those who show the same energy you have. Self-love can give you the ability to create the kind of relationship you want.

Understanding Your Values 

As an empath who is looking for an intimate relationship, the most effective method to keep your energy in a relationship is to be mindful of your values. If you’re confident about the qualities you’re seeking in your partner, you’ll not spend your time and energy on not committed people. Sure, it might be a couple of dates to become acquainted with the person, but you will save yourself lots of heartache and stress in the future.

Get a piece of paper and write down the top ten qualities you would like in a partner (that do not have anything to do with physical appearance or superficial characteristics). Write down the reasons why each one of these traits is essential to you. This will help you feel more confident in selecting your partner. Go back and highlight the top three traits you want in a partner These will be your “non-negotiable” values that your partner should possess.

No one is perfect So having three qualities you truly value indicates you have a bit of freedom with the remaining 7. Find out what your priorities are and what is most important to you, and witness your dating life transform into a rewarding experience.

Pre-Date Ritual 

One of my favorite things that I have used in my life and am now teaching to clients is the importance of having an evening ritual before your date. Particularly as an empath one needs an opportunity to direct your thoughts before going to a meeting. It could include whatever will bring you to a positive mental state, and I have always included a visualization practice to determine how I’d like to appear on the day.

Here’s an exercise that you can complete before the next time you meet:

Self-Love Visualization 

  • You can set your alarm for 10 minutes, lie in a relaxed position, and close your eyes. Place your hands on your heart and take three inhalations. 
  • Imagine all the wonderful things you can offer in a relationship, such as compassion, kindness and love. 
  • Imagine yourself as your most confident self What does she think of herself? What does she think of herself? what is her style of presentation on the day of a date? 
  • Imagine this persona on your next date, completely immersed in conversation and getting herself out in the open. 
  • Imagine the day as it goes and you set a new date. You’re eager to see what happens. 
  • Feel you’re this person believing that love is all around you, and you’re getting more love when you build confidence. 
  • If the timer is over, remember that you are already there and waiting to appear on this day. You’re ready!

Honor Your Energy 

Controlling and preserving your energy is essential for empaths, especially when it comes to dating. With the abundance of dating apps and thousands of profile pictures to browse through, it’s easy to feel exhausting mentally before you meet anyone! If you follow the three suggestions above you’ll definitely feel more positive as you enter the world of dating.

In addition to the ritual of preparing for a date as well, it’s a good idea to keep a regular review of your life. I personally enjoy journaling to establish an inner connection to myself and my objectives. Journaling helps me to sort through the thoughts and feelings, and to be in peace with my decisions and choices. Some other great ways to honor your inner energy include the practice of meditation or consulting with a counselor or coach, exercising and finding an outlet for creativity.

As a empath, understand that life, and dating can be exhausting and depressing. With a change in your attitude and the right methods to make you feel more positive and hopeful, love will be found in no time.

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