Ask These 5 Questions on a First Date to Reveal Their Character

The first dates can be difficult (especially when you’re dating online) because you’re able to know little about the person’s characteristics, beliefs, and personal values.

Simple, general questions may not yield the real answers you’re looking for. In addition, asking those that ask too specific like “What is your political view?” might make the conversation seem too serious. The final thing you want to do is to make the meeting an interview for a job.

How do you meet your partner better while not asking them questions too intimate, too intruding or awkward?

Here are five questions that will provide you with a good idea of their character

1. Which of your friends are you most like? What makes them your top friends?

Ask them what their most popular acquaintances are and how they’ve been able to become close. Most often, people choose people who have similar values as they do. The traits they have in common with their peers also reveal what they value in someone.

In my case, for instance, my friend who is best of friends with me was able to establish a friendship because we like to have lengthy discussions about philosophical subjects. When I discover interesting facts and would like to share them with him, he’s always willing to listen. This is a sign that I appreciate things like curiosity and an open mind.

If someone is friends with them because they both enjoy gossiping behind others’ backs Perhaps they’re not the most kind of person to be dating.


2. What’s the most memorable compliment you’ve received?

The answer to this question will often result in happy stories. The person you are with could recall an event they’re particularly happy about. In reality, the top compliments given to people usually relate to the qualities they admire most about themselves.

If, for instance, someone says their favorite compliment is from their boss at work Perhaps they’re someone who values their work and professionalism. If you are adamant about working hours people then you may consider rethinking being with them.

Sometimes, this question also can lead to discussions about people’s most fundamental fears. I once had one of my friends tell me that his top praise is “Y our style is always impeccable.” He shared that he usually has a feeling of insecurity about his appearance, so it is important to focus on getting dressed up professionally. It wasn’t just that I found out that he’s obsessed with fashion, but we got to go deep into a discussion about our fears.


3. What’s an opinion you firmly adhere to and what’s the most convincing counter-argument that you’ve heard from an opposition?

Ask a Christian’s view on atheists as well as anyone who is in favor of gun control, if they know the reasons why certain people are in favor of having guns. You’ll be amazed by the number of people who do not accept different opinions of the ones they hold.

However insignificant you think the opposing view is, it’s best to know the reasons why each party has different views. This gives you a more perspective that is more nuanced about the issues you’re concerned about and allows you to strengthen your position. We’re not discussing climate change or human rights However, some of the most controversial and complex issues have complicated arguments from both sides that aren’t one hundred percent black or white.

If someone is completely uninterested in the need to comprehend different perspectives, there’s a good likelihood that they’re not a very open-minded person and have a lack of critical thinking. It might even give you an idea of their levels of empathy.


4. Would you be doing a trillion dollars through the lottery?

Many people are unable to comprehend the amount of money that is trillions of dollars. Do not stop asking questions after they’ve given you a generic answer such as “Pay off my student debts” or “Buy my parents a house“. Continue asking them what else they’d like to have after having completed every wish they have on their list. In time, they’ll reach a point at which they will reveal what they desire in a life of complete financial freedom with no obligations. This tells us a lot about their motivations and dreams.

The first time we met, my current partner informed me he’d invest in technological advancements that will help those who are paralyzed to walk again. He stated that he was unable to imagine being locked in an uninviting bed, and that was the most awful nightmare one might experience. He desired to get the pain away and I immediately admired him for his sympathetic personality.


5. Who’s a famous or public figure that you can’t stand?

Talking about celebrities is a great discussion for a lot of people. It gives people the chance to discuss character traits, behaviors or political beliefs they dislike.

They could tell you how they feel about Andrew Tate for his misogynistic remarks. They’ll let you know that they’re an individual who is concerned about feminism. They might even talk about their hatred for the Kardashians. It’s a method of finding out that they do not like those who are arrogant or materialistic.

If they dislike a mainstream star for unrelated and insignificant reasons, it is possible to look into the motives behind the decision. Are they a hateful person? Perhaps someone who is often jealous of others’ achievements?


Many people aren’t prepared to let their authentic self shine during a first date.

Sometimes asking surprising questions can get the most genuine response from people. It also uncovers the truth about them. 

Be aware that these questions provide you with the chance to get to know a person more. There’s a limit to how much one can find out about someone on the first date. If they didn’t say something that could be a major issue, don’t judge too quickly and set up another date!


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