7 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

What should you never tell a woman?

A single of the most inspirational things you should do when you interact with anyone of females is to not utter a snide comment whenever you speak.

“Tampons” are statements or questions that put her in the opposite direction and, in turn, she will block any attempt to lure her.

Seven of the worst statements and questions that you shouldn’t ever ask:

1. I’d like to meet you more! “

I’ve never realized why you needed to inform him that you wanted to get to know one more.

If you’re looking to get her in touch, simply chat with her, and you’ll get to know her! It’s not necessary to make it clear that you’d like to see her. “Knowledge” will occur during your conversation.

All you need to do is adopt an attitude that shows that you’re interested in getting to get to know her better and be able to establish an emotional connection with her. And if occasionally you mix up the conversation by flirting with her and flirts, she’ll be the one to want to get to know you more.

2. I feel emotions! “

Don’t tell a girl that you’re excited by her presence! This isn’t beneficial in any way.

When you inform him of your emotions, you can get the sympathy of his. Sympathy does not have anything to do with attracting. Women are not attracted to men for the sake of sympathy.

3. I’m thinking I like you! “

So, you have to make a decision: do you like it or do you not like it? The uncertain aspect isn’t exactly sexy.

Don’t inform a woman in such a way that you are in love with her. This is why it’s referred to as flirting. Make sure you are confident in your flirting!

4. Do you want to have a drink or coffee . ? “

What’s the problem? You will ask me.

It’s not that difficult to answer however, what is more beneficial is the way to word it so that you don’t have to need to wait for the approval of your client.

For instance, if I’d like for a female friend to join me for a party I don’t inquire if she would like to join me, I simply inform him that he can come along with me or accompany me in the event that he doesn’t have any other plans.


Let’s eat some Ice cream! ”

“I’m going to the pool tomorrow. Come on, if you haven’t made any other plans! ”

Thus, you should try as hard as you can to avoid issues in the cycle: “Do you want to …?”! Replace them with Let’s …! ”

When we seduce, we use the rule of thumb: Don’t ask her what she’s interested in, but create a desire for her! ”

5. I would like to be with you! “

If you’re over the age of 12, you should not begin to propose an affair!

A relationship can be concluded with a successful one in which you managed to attract her to you, and then you began to establish intimate relationships.

6. Do you have a person to whom you can refer? “

We, men, don’t ever ask women if they have one!


1.) Because if you ask her whether they have a partner typically, she will answer “yes regardless of whether “friend” is just a person who he sees occasionally or isn’t even a person. However, the problem is that the moment you have managed to get him to say “yes to your question,” your relationship will drastically change and the change will not be positive.

2.) Because it is usually.

Ninety percent or more of girls you encounter regardless of whether you meet them directly or are part of your network of friends and will have a friend.

Rarely will you meet a single woman particularly if she’s older than 25 and still appears pretty. However, this shouldn’t deter you!

If he’s got a partner doesn’t mean that you have to have a committed partnership with the guy. Many of them are currently in an affair with a particular man, whether because they could not find anything more suitable at the time, to avoid the possibility of becoming bored or to be fun to their buddies. The only thing to consider is the fashion. Today, you must get married, otherwise, you’re not cool.

Additionally, “friend” is something that is a relative. He could have a boyfriend, and he might want to remain at your house, however, he might be without a partner at all and might not wish to live together. In any event, there is no way of knowing what connection the individual has with that particular person.

This is why it’s not a bad idea to play around even if you are aware that you have a boyfriend, or even tell you there is an acquaintance (without ever asking). In reality, it starts from the very beginning with the assumption that he is an acquaintance in the first place “Play your cards “!

If he is in an affair, but it’s not serious and he loves you, you stand a chance of winning.

The fact that the guy has a girlfriend is not important. Relevant is the amount she loves you.

It’s acceptable to act even when you are aware of his girlfriend, you don’t have to make a point of forcing the note. If you find that she doesn’t want to talk to you or requests you let her be and not bother, there’s no sense in insisting. Perhaps she’s content with the relationship she’s in or she isn’t a fan of your personality. Whatever the case it is your responsibility to give her space.

Another instance where you must think about your way through–in actuality the only time you have to be trying to lure her in–is when you notice that she’s got an engagement band on her wrist. Whatever I think about it, no matter how much I enjoy “sports” (seduction), I’ve never had a problem with married women and I will never. I’m sure you won’t too.

7. ,, Please! “

You can use the words: “Please “, only in contexts like:, Give me,…… ” Please, please Tell me Please, ….. ” etc. In other words, don’t bother asking her for anything! Particularly, don’t pray for her.

Men aren’t mileage. We do not feel pity for women to have a night at a bar with us have sexual relations with us, and not to go away, etc.

Our task is to make women desire to hang out with us or have a sex session together, stay with us, etc.

When you pray for her you’ll lose valuable marks in her eye and turn into uninteresting to her.

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