7 Simple Rules That 10X’ed My Dating Life

The majority of the dating norms are either outdated or simply incorrect.

Here are seven less-known rules which made me 10x more attractive to women.

I’m certain they’ll do the same for you.

1. The 5-Second Rule

It’s not about eating food that you threw in the dirt.

This rule applies if you meet a beautiful woman. It says you must begin counting backward starting at five, and begin walking toward her before zero.

It’s a well-known method for getting over the fear of being hesitant, which is essential in case you’re nervous when it comes to women. If you are hesitant for even a fraction of a second the situation could trigger a panic response in your body. The brain senses that you’re hesitating and thinks that there’s danger in the air and will do everything it can to prevent you from moving ahead.

At one time I would look at an attractive woman and think of the perfect words to say. The idea of a flowchart would pop up in my mind.

If she’s saying this If she says that, I’ll confirm it.

If she does say that, I’ll respond with this.

However, I’d often fail to grasp my opportunity or be too afraid to try anything.

Now, I follow five-second rules, and I trust that I will find the appropriate words. This means I don’t let myself down when I meet possibly incredible women. Furthermore, I appear more genuine as well as confident in my actions.

2. Gentlemen First

Through all the years I’ve spent studying advice for men on dating One rule has proven to be more reliable than all the others.

The best advice for men to date is to display their masculine traits.

The best thing that you could do in a romantic relationship is to lead.

Women appreciate it when you’re confident enough to engage them. They love when you plan the date and make the initial physical move. This lets them relax into their femininity and this is when they start to feel more enthralled.

When I was a teen I’d watch for a “signal” that women were eager to be attracted. I’d even ask girls if they’d like to kiss. It was not always a good ending.

Women do not want to take on a romantic relationship. They appear effortless and don’t reflect their feminine traits. They want to appear as if they’re with a strong, masculine leader.

This is why I adhere to the rule of ‘Gentlemen First’ on all of my dates currently.

3. Always Be Closing

You’ll be amazed at what you’re able to do with women If you simply attempt.

Teenage Joe was always ready to give up on women when they weren’t excited to chat with me.

And now, I know that women are nervous as well! 

It’s not easy to be scared to have a stranger come to speak to someone. Does this sound like a joke? Are they creep? Is he dangerous?

They aren’t knowing, and this is usually reflected in appearing boring and uninterested.

It’s a good idea to carry on conversations for a couple of minutes hoping that they’ll recognize that you’re a cool person.

Even even if they do not, I make the effort to exchange contact information. They might just be nervous or even in a bad mood. Maybe they’ll be more friendly to you after having had a moment to process what transpired.

Women are often more eager for me to see them when they view my Instagram and find out about my incredible world travels. Similar things could happen to you.

Also, make a habit of trying to conclude the deal. The most she can claim is a no.

4. Saturdays Are For The Boys

In every romantic movie the “nice guy” beats his crush by showing how much they care about her. This is the same in comics, books and television shows.

In reality, this kind of behavior can be a snare to women. Desperation and neediness are among the most unattractive characteristics you can display.

My experience has taught me that the most effective way to limit your cravings is to meet a variety of women at once.

However, it could be beneficial to have passions and interests which you value more than attempting to find a girlfriend.

I played soccer on weekends, and go out for a group night following. I would box on Sundays, and then engage in fitness regularly.

That meant I wasn’t always looking at my phone to see whether Samantha at the bar sent me a message. If they wanted to have an evening out, they’d have to fit in with my schedule.

This absence of interest is a clear sign of a man with great value that can cause women to want to meet you.

5. The Brad Pitt Rule

This rule applies when a woman uses excuses.

If the answer is not that means she’s not interested in you. Women can be easy to attract when they’re truly interested.

The second section of the Brad Pitt rule will help you respond to this difficult woman.

You can ask yourself: “How would Brad Pitt respond?”

It’s assumed that the guy is in a pool along with all the supermodels however, he might be older for this nowadays.

In any case, the Brad Pitt rule stops you from chasing women and encourages women who love you to pursue more.

6. Leave Her Better Than You Found Her

You can have casual conversations with women for months, without having to commit to them. You can even sleep with your buddies. You can introduce them to friends.

So long as you’re leaving them in better condition than the way you found them… 

In reality, this means that you must be sincere about your intentions when you interact with women. If they’re not satisfied take them off.

I’ve had women leave me due to disagreement with my playboy lifestyle and they were never angry since I was straight from the beginning. You’ll be amazed at how many women will be happy with an uninvolved relationship if you don’t hide it.

This may be the most crucial rule out of seven. Because hell is not like a woman whose face is slayed.

In this modern age of social media, it is possible to quickly earn an image if you treat women with disrespect. You might get your car keyed, or perhaps something more serious.

It’s not worth this. Therefore, it’s better to make sure you are honest always.

7. No Regrets

Mark Twain said: “We regret the things we don’t do more than the things we do.”

I’m not going to become the 95-year-old sitting in my bed with regrets. I’d like to live the most exciting, funny and impulsive life possible.

The subject has inspired some of my most outrageous life stories. A lot of them have been written in my book or on Medium. This is why I can explain the reasons for them in terms of “career moves”.

However, regret is more painful than rejection. It hurts to be rejected by your lover and the disappointment of not making the decision can last forever.

I’d suggest thinking about the question I do — and then making your decisions in response to the answer.

The luck of the draw favors brave and a life that has no regrets is an enlightened life indeed!

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