6 Ways to Tell If Someone You’re Dating Is a Good Person or Just Faking It

If there’s a thing that’s common to all people, likely, they’re not aware, particularly in determining the genuineness of a person or seeing through the nonsense of someone else.

You may be surprised, but you can discern people’s personalities if you pay close attention to subtle and obvious clues people provide. It is possible to gather a wealth of information about a person simply by paying attention. It’s as simple as looking for specific patterns, behaviors and characteristics.

The wolf wearing sheep’s clothing in The fairy tale is much more real than you imagine. Don’t fall for it.

Check out these SIX tips to determine who someone is and gain a better idea of whether they are a decent person or merely fake it to appear to be nice. People often do not realize they are lying to themselves, provided they are given enough time, which is usually within three months, according to my observation. 

1. What dogs and children do to them

I can’t explain it. However, when your dog or child dislikes someone you’ve brought around, it’s best to be aware. There’s something in a child’s or dog’s senses that is heightened when it comes to people. They are sensitive on a different level and can detect negative emotions that other people emit.

So, if your dog’s angry and barking at a person but isn’t normally doing that to other people, perhaps you should raise your eyebrow and think about the individual. If your child is hesitant or frightened when around a person, it is best to focus on the emotions. Remove the person from the child. Once the child is absent you can ask your child how they felt.

Children and dogs are very useful barometers that can sniff out any nefarious creatures trying to gain entry into the fold. Don’t be apathetic about them.

2. What they do with people

What I’ve found is a huge indicator of the kind of person a person is made of inside. You can get a good idea about whether someone is a decent person or a scumbag, by looking at how they behave and interact with others.

They could be members of their families, friends, or colleagues you see or interact with. One of the most obvious indicators of an individual’s character is the way they interact with customers in the customer service department or when they are in the midst of traffic.

For instance, if you’re driving with someone else in the car, and a vehicle cut the car off, pay attention to how the person you are with reacts. If they lean upon the brake for an excessively long period, then flip the person off the bird and yell obscenities from the window and then yell at them, this is a red flag, and an indication that you should not try to establish an acquaintance or relationship that is of any kind with the person. It’s what I’ve learned from personal my own experience.

Another instance is if there are two of you in the restaurant. If your companion is rude, rude or rude towards the service personnel and the staff. This is an indication that this is an individual who lacks compassion, honesty or compassion. The people who work in the field of service perform very important tasks and shouldn’t be down on. What would our world look like without housekeeping, food service or sanitation workers?

3. What their body language means

The way a person conducts will reveal their feelings at any time. Also, by observing the way they express themselves (or non-verbal communication) you can determine what they are feeling with you or other people. Body language may indicate that an individual is angry, hostile or concerned, irritated, offended by something, worried, excited or any other emotion.

For instance, good body language includes an open posture, a smile at eye contact or a nod when you are listening to your thoughts. Body language that is not good could be the flipping of that bird I mentioned earlier.

4. How polite are they?

“Please, “please”, “excuse me” and “thank you” can go far if you are truly interested in good manners and basic manners. People will notice when you’re courteous. Therefore, be aware when someone doesn’t behave politely to anyone else or does anything rude or disrespectful to you. The person you are watching is displaying who they truly are.

For instance, I was getting to know a man at one point and overheard him talking to a person on his cell phone. Then he claimed it was a person he purchased meals from since he could not cook. They were engaged in a heated debate. I only heard their side. The man called the woman a dumb idiot, a dumb b*tch, and a wh*re and screamed at the highest volume of his voice on the phone. He then left the line.

It was shortly after, I was contacted by the same words with a different motive. He wasn’t a very nice person, and I ought to have been able to take his rudeness and refusal to be courteous as an indication. Don’t repeat the error I made.

5. How do they react to the expression “Good morning”

The most popular greeting you can give to anyone would be to say “Good morning.” And typically, if someone is decent and a human being, they’ll reply the same way to you.

Have you ever said to somebody “Good morning” and they reply by saying “What’s good about it?” It’s because they’ve had a rough night or perhaps their day has been a comedy mistake. Maybe something is happening in their life that’s quite so great.

Excuse me! I’m sorry. Everyone has their issues, bad hair days, or whatever. However, the most recent time that I looked, each morning that was above the level of six feet was ideal.

My co-worker even managed to reply to my wish for him a great day with “Isn’t it just a rotten day?” simply because it had been raining quite heavily this morning. “Well, it has to rain sometimes,” I informed him. “When would you rather it rained?” If it did not rain for weeks, and everything dried up the man would be wishing it to rain, and groaning about the lack of rain.

There’s also the coworker who responds to greetings from the office in the early hours of their workweek by stating their resentment of Mondays. This is my reply to the person who said this “Well, there is a way for you not to have to be bothered with seeing the next Monday.” I believe she understood the message.

6. How do they react to others’ “good news

A surefire way to identify an unhealthy person is to observe the way someone reacts to someone else’s luck. They may either make fun of themselves if they’re feeling in awe or simply be grateful to be a part of the success.

For instance, Imagine that a person’s friend told them that they won $10,000 from scratch-off lottery tickets, and the neighbor was in a state of jealousy rather than thrilled to hear the news. It could show in their facial expression, and they might try to bring an accusatory comment into the conversation, such as talking about all the tax implications that be incurred as a result of the winnings.

People who aren’t good-hearted dislike seeing other people who are not their own. They may even seek to derail or undermine someone else’s luck.

What do you think?

It’s important to realize that no one is perfect and nobody can perform all the right actions all the time. However, if you make an effort to observe and observe, you’ll probably notice certain characteristics of people which can provide clues to what kind of person they’re.

How do you feel about this? Have you observed any indications in the way someone conducts themselves or their character that made you think they are a decent human being or not?

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