4 Reasons He Keeps Texting You (Even Though He Doesn’t Want To Date You)


You’ve said you’d like to establish to be in a friendship with him. He has said that he doesn’t feel the exact way. Yet, he keeps texting you each day. It’s a bit confusing and, to put it mildly, confusing. Here are four reasons why he continues to text you (even even though he doesn’t wish to be with you). ).

1. He’s insecure.

One reason he might keep calling you even though you’re not interested in committing to you is that they appreciate the attention that you give him. This makes him feel happy that someone appreciates him and gives him confidence-building benefits by keeping him on your side. He’s likely texting you to boost his self-esteem if he continues to flirt with you even after you’ve turned him down.

2. He’s bored.

Another reason for him to continue to message you even though he’s not wanting to be in a relationship could be simply that he’s bored, and needs someone to talk with. If you already have an established relationship, texting each other can be a quick fix for your loneliness or boredom.

3. He’d like the possibility to hook up.

Although he might not be looking for an intimate relationship, it does not mean that he’s not attracted to you and is keen on connecting with you. If he’s flirting with you, keeps contacting you late at night or is only attracted to you when you think things might be physical, this is likely the reason why you keep getting messages from him. If you’re comfortable with that do what you want to do. If not, let him go.

4. He wants to make friends.

Then, he might sincerely desire to keep in touch with you even though he’s not at all interested in romance with you. If he has let you down in a gentle way and declared that he would like to remain friends, and remains in contact with you following the fact, it shows the importance of friendship. Of course, it’s your decision if you’re able to remain friendly with him, and not more. If you’re honest with yourself as well as him, you might get a good partner out of the heartbreak. Perhaps, just friends were what you were supposed to be at the start. You’ll need to take some time to explore to get there, that’s all.

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