3 Signals That She Is Not Interested In You

People who pay attention to the body’s language always have an edge over those who concentrate solely on words. In the case of dating, understanding body language can help you determine the direction things are headed in the direction you’d like or if it is time to begin looking for a different partner.

For instance, you were able to set up a date with the girl you’ve always wanted to meet that you were convinced would never agree to an opportunity to meet with you. You’re extremely happy with yourself and it is because you managed to convince her to venture out downtown that you fail to think about the fact that she keeps her distance, employs her hands as a subtle way to ward off her and that her body language communicating to you a completely different message than what her words are telling you.

At the time of your first meeting, you seemed enthusiastic about the possibilities that you had until a couple of days later, you made the call as promised, and were told “You know, I don’t think we have that much in common to go out another time “. Then you are now analyzing and are shocked that within two days he had changed his opinion. When you informed him you’d call her did he respond, “Ok “.

When you are trying to understand women, what they do is just as or more so than what she has to say.

Perhaps, while you were with her at the time, she wasn’t aware that she had concerns about you, but the way she spoke was sending you messages of rejection. In the event that you weren’t able to decode the messages, her subsequent response was a complete surprise.

Knowing his body language can aid in determining what he truly believes and how he feels and will save you from problems in the future. So the next time you meet someone new take note of the three indicators that indicate that she’s not interested in you, which means you’ll be aware that you have to alter your plan of action and shift to somebody else.

1. “Possibility” is not ” presence “

If your friend is smiling at you, but only by mouth, not her eyes, and then looks away as you speak to her, she’s likely, not interested and is trying to appear friendly. Other signs of disinterest include rubbing your fingers against the table, appearing with a fake smile staying as far from you as possible and making excuses to make the meeting shorter in any way possible.

2. Avoiding physical contact

If a woman is attracted to you, she’ll naturally desire to stay as close to you as close as possible. If she keeps her legs and arms crossed at all times to protect your privacy and ensure that you don’t become too close then it’s evident that you’re not her taste.

3. Upset

If he is adamant and forceful to express his opinion and does not usually make use of his hands for too long the presence of your guests could be negatively affected. When her hands are set on her hips, or the point of her foot is pointed towards you, these are both ominous signals, and you’d be wise to end your conversation in the most graceful manner that you can.

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