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..en Christmas Eve who probably didn’t get that most of us had thought. : – /

P-O’s highly observed mentor – Pentecostal profile – Sven-Gunnar Hultman deepens in the subject during the evening story he sends out to us towards the end of the evening. But whether you celebrate this Christmas in voluntary or involuntary alone, we hope for Christians datingpodden that you really know Jesus inexhaustible love and get rest safely in his arms. Tomorrow is another day. As Linalie Newman from the evangelical free church says, although it feels dark now, so remember, there is a tomorrow …

… and feel that the darkness is too tight and you need someone to talk to?

Do not hesitate to contact our friends and colleagues within the family that consists of the worldwide congregation. It may seem instrumental, but we are there for you and we are reached via the phone number that can be dialed from each phone.

Call 112 and ask to be linked to on-call pastor or priest. Anyone who responds has a long and solid training about talking to people in transition situations and life crises.

As all priests, they also in Jours absolute confidentiality. The conversation is not banded and what is said to stop between you.

00:44 Robban Chernberg from the transmitter talks about how we can use the loneliness to hear God’s voice more clearly into our lives

00:58 Sten-Gunnar Hedin tells of his first Christmas after his loving Mrs Ellen went home to God and celebrated Christmas Eve alone in the cemetery. He also pray for the listeners and shares his thoughts about how we can handle the solitude

01:24 Linalie Newman (Mission Department EFK) Sends us a greeting from Matt 12: 20-21 and wants to speak comfort in our lives

01:40 Mats Dernand from Örebro, tells of what makes a “Christmas song” to a Christmas song and tells about the process around the creation of her Christmashit star.

01:54 p-o. Cilla, Tess and Fritjof Thank you for the day and wish the listeners a delightful Christmas !! <3

Welcome back after Kalles Christmas Eve and hopefully a little Christmas table, we are now on the #Kristnadttingpodden. :-

01:24 Tess responds “Antivaxxers” and explains why it is not dangerous to vaccinate against Covid19

We continue this year’s Christmas broadcast with completely #glorious guests both in the studio and via zoom. Hope you want to continue to celebrate Christmas Eve along with our dynamic quartet and all our fantastic guests !! :-

02:05 Niklas Piensoho Visits us and tells a secret about his hobbies, and talks about Julvangeliet’s historicity and pray over the listeners who feel loneliness and bitterness over their life situation

This year’s Christmas holidays are advocated to be the lone ever for all singles due to the coronary restrictions. The churches do their best to act within the authorities’ designs as a light in the dark. But we still do not come from reality. Loneliness is tough and Christmas is for most the most toughest feast where that feeling becomes extra present.

The Evangelist Cilla Eriksson and the Apologet P-O riverström, together with its both friends, Covid19 nurse Therése satisfied and the docker Marcus Fritjof Andersson a shared Christmas stream along with the whole community Sweden and hope this can also be some kind of virtual company throughout Christmas Eve.

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